Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Small victories

The situation: Our CEO had just recruited a new guy to the corp, who was interested in linking up with us and starting to run faction warfare ops.

The problem: The guy and his Prophecy-class battlecruiser were docked up in Rens, in Minmatar space, and since his application had been accepted, he was now a legitimate target for hostile factions.  And the direct routes to our hi-sec base of operations led him through the depths of Gallente space, where he'd be running from the Navy as well as the factions.

The call: "Hey, Marc. You're an armor tanker, right?"  (I am.)  "How would you fit a ship with the best possible armor tank if you needed to put on a couple of warp core stabilizers?"

The solution: In the middle of dinking around with potential fits (need the stabs to break warp scramblers, need a damage control, need resists - put on a plate? Sacrifice speed for buffer?), I decided: the hell with it, let's just find the guy another route out.

Over to the Dotlan maps, tell the computer to plot a course that avoids Essence and Sinq Laison, and voila!  Two jumps get him from Minmatar space to Ammatar space, then three more jumps and he's in Amarr hi-sec, and from there, he's got a clear run through friendly empire space to the corp's home.  I put up the waypoints in corp chat and let him know that if he's willing to make a somewhat longer trip, that route should be safe for most of the way.

He decides to go for it.

Him: "Holy @#$%!  Just got jumped undocking from Rens!"
Me: Oh, sweet mother of mercy, I just got him killed, didn't I?
Him: "It's OK, I warped away."
Me: *phew*

Him: "OK, I'm in Gallente space now."
Me: What the frak?! Did I miss a waypoint?
Him: "Warping through. OK so far."
Me: Please, whoever's watching over New Eden, I don't want my screwups to be responsible for getting two corpmates slagged in the same week...
Him: "OK, I'm in Caldari space."
Me: Thank you, whoever and wherever you are.

Him: "Docking up now."
Me: "Woohoo!"
Corpmates: "Welcome to the war."

It's not a killmail on a Titan, but it's a positive.  Gives the corp some extra firepower, and if you can establish a bit of rapport right at the beginning, it can help out when you're in the thick of things.

Especially since I've actually been doing the corp a bit of good from back in hi-sec, while in low-sec I've pretty much been getting myself shredded.  Still prone to dumb mistakes - although, to be fair, they haven't been hellaciously costly ones.  (Tried to get an Iteron into low-sec to collect a bunch of bargain Cormorants - ran right into a massive gate camp on the first jump and got melted and podded.  On the bright side, the Itty was empty, so all I really lost were the modules and rigs.  The implants that got blasted out of my head were probably the most expensive part of the loss...)

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